What markets does Perfect Pallets cover?

Perfect Pallets is a national program that covers both Canada and the United States. We are committed to serving every market in North America.

    Who is responsible for picking up empty Perfect Pallets?

Perfect Pallets, Inc. is 100% responsible for managing and retrieving all rented Perfect Pallets. Every Perfect Pallet pick-up is scheduled, coordinated, and executed via a Customer Service representative. Each retrieval location has an authorized Perfect Pallet Carrier dedicated to professionally managing all of their Perfect Pallet pickup needs.

  How can I start using Perfect Pallets instead of wasting wood pallets?

Whether you are shipping or receiving product on wooden pallets, contact us today and we will help you better understand how Perfect Pallets can impact your process. Call us at 1-888-553-559 or email us at sales@perfectpallets.com.