The pallets have worked well for us. Next time I go to buy pallets I will be calling on Perfect Pallets.

Production Director, Tribune Total Media (Circulation 200,000)

Efficient and safe

Perfect Pallets removes all the guess work from our shipping and receiving department. These pallets keep our aisle ways clear and safe. We are very happy with the product and its reliability.

Production Manager, The Fayetteville Observer (Circulation 166,000)

Heavy duty and easy to handle

They’re awesome pallets and withstand the heavy day to day abuse. Heavy duty, easy to handle and the low profile nesting uses less floor space.

Packaging Manager, Fort Myers News Press (Circulation 168,000)

Perfect Pallet

We paid more for administrative duties with wood pallets, had disposal costs and wood waste littered throughout our plant and equipment. You have to pray every time you ship out a wood skid that it won’t fall apart in transit, especially now with so much LTL freight.  Our supply chain treats pallets very aggressively. Plastic Perfect Pallets allow for a simple and clean operation.  They are a no-brainer. Overall it’s the most “Perfect Pallet”

Senior VP, Trend Offset Printing, Los Alamitos, CA

Perfect Transportation: Key to Go

Perfect Transportation is considered a key "Go-To" asset based carrier because they care about our business, and have knowledgeable staff who provide great communication and service. They help this office cover the West Coast and South Central Regions. We use them as much as possible each and every week!"

Carrier Development Team, Grand Prairie, TX